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Practice Groups

Practices will be split into 2 groups and are denoted below.  Players should attend practice for their group.  Practices will be mostly skill based drills and small team games.  Players will play games with the teams to which they are assigned.  We're very excited to have such a strong turn out for our spring program.  We hope this serves as a chance for players to continue to improve and for our coaching staff to get to know players and continue to evaluate players to identify their best teams for the upcoming fall season.


Practice Groupings
Group A Group B
Ben Kappel Anthony Sarno
Connor Zabrantanski Brandon Houive
Dimitrios Simandirakis Chris Kulas
Jake Salvatore George Murphy
Michael Fortune Jack Stelter
Mike Spatola Jack Tracy
Nick Gournis Nathan Kapetanou
Nick Munao Patrick O'Grady
Peter Thompson Ronan Kerrigan
Roberto Chetrosanu Shane Rothenberger
Ryan Belz Danny Kerins
Thomas Rutherford Ethan Adams
Peter Koepke Ethan Holmes
Aidan Costigan Frankie Anzaldi
Hayden Weber Matt Carcucci
Matthew Bonto Patrick Bayraktarov
Jack Koteles Declan O'Connel
Eric Newhouse Michael Schulyer
Ryan Moore William Painter
Cole Zocher Zach Cronin
Mark Diatte Nick Kaniuch
Alex Lohens Thomas Pichla
Chris Pisani  
George Lohens  
Ethan Fogerty  
John Munao Noah Threvt
Vincent Simonian Walter
Ryan Besenjak Ryan Hauptman