Fall Hockey

The Maine High School Hockey Association philosophy is to provide all necessary and reasonable support for the accomplishment of its mission purposes and its student athletes. Training and support for experienced coaches, conditioning and skill programs, good sportsmanship requirements, competitive schedules and tournaments to improve team performance are some aspects of our “Top Ten” program. This program is designed to continue the drive for success and provide opportunities to compete with the top five programs in the state of Illinois at the varsity and junior varsity level. Educational demands are a player’s priority and hockey schedules should be set recognizing finals, college testing and other important high school events. Each player must comply with District 207 academic eligibility requirements. 


What players are eligible for the program?

Current high school players residing in Maine District 207 are eligible.


What time of the year does this program run?

Season begins with tryouts in August and runs until playoffs in March.


Where are practices and games typically held?

Home games and practices are held at Niles Iceland and Oakton Ice Arena. Visiting games will be at rinks throughout the Chicago area.


When are practices and how often are they?

Teams practice 2-3 times per week.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Teams will play 40-60 games over the course of the season and will usually fall on the weekends.


Will there be any tournaments?

Both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams compete in select weekend tournaments in the Chicagoland area and in addition may also participate in out of town weekend tournaments

Extra Costs / Team Gear

What costs beyond registration fees should be expected?

CLUB GEAR (1-time purchase unless new size is needed)

Jerseys - about $225

Pant Shells - about $50

Warm Ups - about $150

Players are responsible for their own equipment and travel accommodations for any out of town tournaments


What Equipment is required?

The following equipment colors are required for both varsity and junior varsity players:

• Black helmets (Goalies are exempt from the black helmet rule.);

• Black gloves;

• Black pants;

• Team provided game socks.

Two MHSHA stickers will be given to new players to affix to each side of the helmet. Players are provided the opportunity to purchase team apparel and a team equipment bag

Frequently Asked Questions

When are team rosters finalized?

Fall teams will be selected a few days after tryouts. Players will be notified of their team assignment


Maine Hockey Fees for the season are as follows.  

Season Fees

Skater $5,100.00 ($300 Tryout fee. Tryout fees will be credited back toward balance of season fees for those accepting their team assignments at the end of tryouts.)   

Goalies $2,500 Season Fees ($100.00 Tryout fee. Tryout fees will be credited back toward balance of season fees for those accepting their team assignments at the end of tryouts.)  

Conditioning Skates (Optional)

Skater $200.00 if registering for conditioning skates.  

Goalie Free for conditioning skates.  

Conditioning sessions on 7/31, 8/2, 8/7, 8/9

Tryout SPORTS COMPLEX Rolling Meadows 7PM on-ice only

8/14 - All Juniors and Seniors (younger players can reach out to coach if they would like to tryout for Varsity). 

8/15, 8/16, 8/17 - All Players unless otherwise directed

Season Payment schedule as follows


Tryout ($300) & Conditioning ($200) fee DUE 7/31

Installment #1 $1,500.00   DUE 8/21/23

Installment #2 $1,100.00   DUE 10/15/23 

Installment #3 $1,100.00 DUE 11/30/23

Installment #4 $1,100.00 DUE 1/3/24 


Tryout ($100) & Conditioning (free) fee DUE 7/31

Installment #1 $900.00 DUE 8/21/23

Installment #2 $500.00 DUE 10/15/23

Installment #3 $500.00 DUE 11/30/23

Installment #4 $500.00 DUE 1/3/24

*The preferred method of payment is through Maine High School Hockey's Zelle account which is: mainehockey207@gmail.com

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